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January 26, 2011


Tax Rate Programming SAM4s ER-5215M Cash Register

Here is how you program the tax rate on his SAM4s ER-5215M cash register. Easy task when you have the programming manual. In the manual this is on page 90. But here is a quick guide to programming tax on the SAM4s ER-5215M cash register. In this example I’m going to set tax rate 1 at 8.5% in a simple flat rate tax NO GST and NO VAT like most states sales taxes are set up. If in doubt make sure and check with you state department of revenue of the rate and type of sales tax you should be collecting. Check with your own CPA or bookkeeper as well!

OK here goes

  •  Key To P (program mode)
  • Enter 8.50000 Press “Tax Shift 1″ Press “Cash”

Your done, make sure and turn the key out of P to R and test! 

Couple quick notes lets say you wanted to change Tax Rate #2 not 1 then replace “Tax Shift 1″ with the “Tax Shift 2″ button if Tax 3 then use Tax Shift 3, if tax 4 then use Tax shift 4. Pretty easy huh! 

If you tax was 8% your first entry would be 8.00000 or 9.25% it would have been 9.25000 again pretty easy huh! 

Keep in mind THIS DOES NOT MAKE A DEPARTMENT OR PLUS TAXABLE IT SIMPLY SETS THE RATE. You must program the tax status of a group or PLU to make it taxable or not and that is a different post! 

remember do this at your own risk. If you need help seek out a cash register company but be prepared a few bucks for their help!


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  1. Jessy miller
    Mar 26 2013

    I have a Sam4s 920 and I have successfully programmed my tax rate 1 ( local tax) now I need to program the tax rate 2 ( state tax ) Since there is only one “tax” key which is labeled as “Tax 1″ I am guessing I need to program one of the function keys to be “Tax 2″ ? I’m just a little confused as to which key should be used for Tax 2 or is their a way to also program Tax 2 on the same Tax1 key. Ultimately I need to charge two separate taxes and have them show totals separately on my reports. Can you advise me as to what key should be set up for Tax 2?

  2. Jan 10 2014

    Jessy sorry for the late reply. You do not need the Tax 2 button on the keyboard to program the 2nd tax rate. Only Tax shift 1 needs to be there. One of the choices you make in entering the rate is the tax rate number you are programming. I think in the first manuals for this machine there was a miss-print. In later manuals that has been fixed. SAM4s ER-920 cash register support

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